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My first LTK Picky Pants!

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I'm insanely proud of these. Charlie likes them too.
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Those are awesome.. but not as awesome as Charlies big ole' grin!
You should be insanely proud, Stacey! Great job!
I really love the color that you used.

And, my goodness what a cutie pie you have modeling them
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GREAT pants and you should be proud what an accomplishment

Did you use Manos or another yarn?
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Thanks, mamas! Your make me feel so good.

Kimberly, I did use Manos for these (colorway=Caribe). I'm going to make Rob a pair in Manos in Flame, and then after that I'm going to do some shorts in some Malabrigo I have. Is there a yarn you would recommend? I know the Malabrigo will pill, but it's also softer than the Manos - what about the Blackberry Ridge? Is it the merino that doesn't pill so much?
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the pants look fantastic and I love the dancing Charlie pic!
Love them!!! I saw your post at KH but did not get a chance to respond. I was wondering if you were a MDC mama. Cool!
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