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My first OB appt..

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Well, last week I had an intake with the nurse- just going over my history, doing my weight, BP, etc. Today I met the OB (she is also my perinatologist). I am now going to a huge hospital with tons of patients. Coming from a small hospital in Maine, where I was one of 4 women delivering the night I had DD, I honestly thought i was going to be just another patient... get 'em in, get 'em out, yadda yadda. Instead, despite the full waiting room, the OB met with me and asked if I wanted her to find the HB. I said yes and she couldn't find it. I didn't mean to but I started to cry because I had a bad feeling. She went out to the hall, grabbed the U/S machine, and stuck it on my belly and there was the baby and a little heartbeat!

I know it is early to hear the HB but the tears just came out. I feel so good being at this hospital now- she did that for MY peace of mind, rather than saying "it is too early, we will check next time" and shoving me out the door.

I am so relieved and happy. And my pap is out of the way! YAY!
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What a relief to see the heartbeat
Glad the doc seems compassionate and took her time with you!
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