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my first wool covers

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hi everyone!
i just wanted to share that yesterday i got my first wool fluff in the mail. 2 biobottoms covers, i can't wait to try them out on the new baby. DH was impressed with how soft they are, he imagined them to be very itchy. now maybei can talk him into letting me get a few soakers!! Ds, who is almost three and potty trained even tried it on, and it almost fit! it was like a bikini, too cute.
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That's sounds great Erica. I have heard wonderful things about those covers. What size did you get? Even some newborn covers were too small for my newborn. Newborn soakers are a great idea too. What diapers are you going to use underneath? Ah, stocking up for a new baby - is there anything more fun??
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I have heard very good things about them! Your first wool! Now you're hooked

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oh memories! biobottoms covers were the first i had. both the terry and the wool. i think biobottoms went out of business, but someone else is carryiing the covers now, right? i can't remember who, but i had some with ellie.

i never was all that crazy about wool, but we have gotten totally hooked on kiwi covers. they are awesome. when ollie was little, candy at bizzyb made him this awesome wool christmas diaper, and it got me thinking that wool really was ok. then i got one kiwi, and had to get more, they were so great! now i will simply have to stock bizzy b and try to get a bigger size in hers, because the little one worked perfectly.
i got size A, which is the smallest.Ds is very tall and skinny. i still can't beleive he got them on. i already have 9 prowrap newborn covers, but am unsure what to put underneath. i have been sewing some fitteds, but i doubt they will fit. i have some small prefolds that might work, and am considering getting some NB prefolds. any recommendations? a little newborn soaker would be really cute to have too.
I'm a believer! They really and truly do work. It still amazes me, but they really do.
Congrats for joining the club!
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I've got a cute little newborn soaker that I never really got to use
DS was already too big for it when I started cloth at 2 weeks. He was big to start off with though; 8lbs 11oz and 22 inches. He's still a monster at *almost* 5 months! I'm really starting to love wool too, but only have one Stacinator right now, and am waiting on a Liz Cloth and Kiwi Pie that will be too big for AGES.
When DS was a newborn, I loved my Kissaluvs 0. I only had infant CPFs and those were a bit bulky on him for a while. I would have loved to have some preemie prefolds for those first few weeks, but couldn't part with the money (shipping CPFs to Canada gets EXPENSIVE!)
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Since you ask for recommendations...I agree with Marie about the Kissaluvs. I also loved our newborn diapers fromThe Posie Patch

and she is taking custom orders. The prints are cute, but the plain hemp is stretchier and will fit for longer.

We like newborn size (different than preemie or infant) prefolds, snappied. I suppose you could lay them in a prorap, but I would be careful of your wool.

Green mountain prefolds

Harder to get but we also liked, Righteous baby FLAM's and angelwraps XS.

It sounds like you are on the right track though. If you can sew your own diapers, then even BETTER!

Congrats and have fun.
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