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My Flaky Breasts

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How's that for a title??

Here's the thing: I keep reading about how I shouldn't moisturize my breasts while BFing. Now, I can understand not slathering up my nipples, but it should be okay to put some lotion on the rest of my breasts, right? I'm just a big ol' flake monster because of the weather and I'd feel a lot better about myself (and be more comfy) if I could hydrate the sistas, kwim?
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Oh - I love your title!

I can't offer any help, other than to say I have the same problem. When I take off my bra, it looks like it is snowing!

Hope you get some replies!
I don't see why not - I would make sure to use a baby friendly product since baby is going to get it on their hands/face. Hope you feel better.
You can use Lansinoh on your nipples so I'm sure you can use it on your breasts. It is pure Lanolin. Although I guess it would be expensive to slather that much on.
I use apricot oil. I'd be an itchy mess without it. I figure it's food safe so it can't be too bad- just like salad dressing for boobs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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