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My friend needs help. Wants a vbac after horrific c-section

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I'm going to give a friend a link to come here, but I thought I's get the ball rolling, since it will be at least a day or so.

Here's a bit of background. I don't know all of the story, or might have forgotten some, so I'll just post a bit and let her fill it in later. She had a c-section with her twins just about 2 1/2 years ago. The dr was a complete and total idiot. He cut her before the pain meds took effect. She told him she could feel it. I dont' remember his response, but he went ahead with it. He also cut her up and down. And released her with a fever and she was back at the hospital hours later with green puss. (side note here, her dh is awesome, he spent 2 weeks taking care of their two older boy and newborn twins boys while she was in the hopsital).

SHe was recently told that because of the way they cut her she will have too much scar tissue to have a vbac. She has her first dr appointment (due oct or nov) on Wednesday and is going to talk to the dr about it then. Do you have any info for her? She is terrified to have another c-section. I hope someone can help!
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ICAN would be a great place for her to find info and support.

She should get a copy of her medical records from the twins' birth, and go over it with her doctor, or better yet, a midwife.
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