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unopenned stacking construction vehicles – Melissa and Doug - $20 ppd<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
2 kids “treasure boxes” (jewelry boxes) – painted by a mama for a swap. 1 pink with purple dragonflies, the other is yellow with blue stars and a big white moon/planet - $6 each ppd<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
“first learning” brand wooden puzzles with wooden storage case – includes 4 9 piece puzzles – car, train, ambulance and fire engine - $5 ppd<br>
Mary Engelbright Birthday/Anniversary Calendar (one that isn’t specific to the year, just lists the days of each month, you put in your important dates so that you can keep track from one year to the next.. it’s long and narrow) - $7 ppd<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Handmade MeiTei.. I just have too many carriers and need to declutter.. $15 ppd - NEW<br>
Boys Winter Coat.. says 2T but runs small - would probably fit an 18 month better. Fits my 2T boy, but rides up a little so that his belly button is uncovered.. $7 ppd - this is NOT NEW<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Apron with strawberry fabric - $8 ppd - pulls over head and then ties on sides <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Apron made from a green fabric - $8 ppd <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
And these things I don't have pictures of:<br>
NIP robeez - 0-6 month pink with white daisy - $20 ppd<br><br>
Satin Hands pampering Set – Mary Kay - $12 ppd<br><br>
Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Daily cleaning wipes for oily or blemished skin - $8 ppd<br><br>
Betsy Body lavender-lemon shea butter and meadowfoam seed oil body lotion - $8 ppd<br><br>
Burts Bee’s hand kit - $7 ppd<br><br>
Avalon Organics Mint thyme liquid glycerine soap - $6 ppd<br><br>
Avalon Organics Mint thyme bath and shower gel - $6 ppd<br><br>
NIP “Pepperberry” my little pony - $5 ppd<br><br>
Here's my ISO:<br><br>
Celestial or pagan tart burners<br>
Karen Hahn blooming wild figurines<br>
Goddess items<br>
Strippy spinny ankle length skirts or nursing dresses.. need to see a picture<br>
Fitted tees or non-bulky sweaters – size large, solid colors, need to see pictures<br>
NIP diva cup for after childbirth<br>
Hanna playdress/daydresses for the girls<br>
Hanna oh so happy dresses<br>
Funky, warm tights for me or the girls<br>
Bike shorts for under dresses, size 4T<br>
pocket gnomes, like the ones at nova natural – we need red, yellow, light blue and royal blue<br>
Black party bow robeez 0-6 month or 6-12 month - ec. please to wear with her Christmas outfit. - gently used is fine<br>
6-12 month teal songbird robeez (NIP) for a Christmas gift<br>
a "Leo" astrological rattle for a Christmas gift - new please<br>
wooden teethers for her Christmas gifts - new please (I have the haba trix)<br>
Mermaid waldorf doll for Leila<br>
Rescue remedy<br>
hylands bumps and bruises cream<br>
hylands arnica tablets for the first aid kit I need to create for the car<br>
natural/herbal burn salve for the first aid kit<br>
playsilk blanks<br>
california baby bubble bath - any scent, or other SLS free bubble bath<br>
calendula cream<br>
non-flouride natural children's toothpaste, not strawberry flavored.<br>
Story of the world, any<br>
Sew fast, sew easy<br>
Simplicity's "simply the best sewing book"<br>
Kwik sew books for babies or toddlers<br>
Pagan Homeschooling<br>
Fairy Houses<br>
Fairy Boats<br>
Fairy Wings<br>
Fia and the Imp<br>
In the Night Kitchen<br>
Sky Castle<br>
In Every Moon there is a face<br>
A mother's promise<br>
A Kid's herb book<br>
More Mudpies to Magnets<br>
The Pagan Book of Days<br>
Goodnight Fairies<br>
Grandfather Twilight<br>
Festivals, families and food<br>
Seven Times the Sun<br>
Children at Play<br>
Beyond the Rainbow Bridge<br>
Walking the world in wonder: a child's herbal<br>
Ed Emberly's complete funprint drawing book<br>
If Kisses were colors<br>
I took the moon for a walk<br>
Mr. Seahorse<br>
The Tree<br>
I'm like you, you're like me<br>
We share one world<br>
Hollyhocks and honeybees<br>
Children of the forest<br>
The root children<br>
When the root children wake up<br>
Homeschooling more than one child<br>
Child of Faerie, child of earth<br>
Science for all seasons<br>
whole foods for the whole family<br>
whole foods for the whole world<br>
Playful parenting<br><br>
gift credits:, target,,,, joannes, barnes and noble,, moss feet shoes, robeez, starbucks, yankee candle

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