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I thought this was so funny that I'd share.

My dd weaned herself before I got pregnant. But we talk about breastfeeding often, since I still go to LLL meetings and it's an important topic in our family. Yesterday she saw some dried colostrum on my nipples and asked what it was, so I explained about it and how it would turn into milk a few days after the baby was born. So she asks me, "you don't have milk in your nipples yet?" I told her not yet, but I would. Then she picks up a hair stick with a bead and a tassel on the end, says that she's "going to put milk in my nipples" and starts waving it over my breasts and making this sing-song noise! She's the decided she's the milk fairy.

It cracked us up! Kids!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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