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My hair feels dirty!! (no-poo)

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Please help me! I've been going no-poo (no shampoo) for close to 2 weeks now. I've got super fine hair. Straight. Colored w/HerbaTint. Rust in my hard well water. I've been using baking soda dissolved in my hand w/hot water. I started out using ACV (apple cider vinegar) to condition it. It felt dirty so I stopped the ACV. Finally last week I couldn't take the dirty feeling so I broke down and used some of my dh's Suave shampoo. Man it felt clean that day!

But now it's back to feeling like I've been riding on the back of a motorcycle for hundreds of miles. Crunchy. Straw-like. Dirty.

I tried skipping a day in between using the baking soda. Didn't seem to help. Anyone got any ideas? Should I try honey? Eggs? And what do I do w/them? Will that make it greasy?

Or should I just go back to using the Giovanni or Jason's shampoo and conditioner that I used to use?
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how often do you 'wash' your hair? i only do mine 1-2 times per week. my husband does 3. we do ACV rinses whenever we want, because this seems to 'strip' excess oils.

oh, and i make a leave in conditioner that is aloe gel (from the plant--fresh), lemon juice or camomile tea (i'm blonde), coconut oil, and water. This is a great leave-in conditioner. i use it once a week or less.

spray it on wet hair and let it dry.
Oops. I'd been using the bs every day previously. Now I'd cut back to every other day. Guess I'd better cut back even more!!

How do you do your ACV rinse? I've been pouring roughly 2 tablespoons of it in a cup and then filling it w/water. Then I let my ends soak in it briefly before dumping it over my head. I leave on for a minute or so and then rinse.

You leave in conditioner recipe sounds very complex. Is it?!

Where did you find your recipe? Or did you just concot (is that how you spell that word?) on your own?
I've found that the cheap and lightweight (no heavy conditioners) conditioner and tablespoon of baking soda work better to clean my hair than water and baking soda. You're also probably making a bs paste, which doesn't clean well. The more the BS dissolves into something, the better it cleans.

I also use a squirt bottle with 1/2 ACV and 1/2 water and spray my hair, mostly the ends. Then I rinse it out and use my fingers to get some of it out. If you don't use conditioner or ACV (on most hair types), the baking soda by itself will make your hair feel like a rat's nest. But it feels worse if you don't get your hair clean with baking soda and it's just cleaning certain parts and not others. Fully dissolved baking soda in water or baking soda in conditioner is better for cleaning.

It took about 3 months for my hair to get used to no-poo, most of that time it was experimenting on what works for my hair. I do have Avalon shampoo for every few months as backup.

I have really bad anemia lately so I'm thinking of using my Avalon for a while. My hair is catching up to the anemia and it's falling out like crazy.

Anyway, there are some links where I posted advice. I'll find them and post them for you later.
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Gina to the rescue!!

I'm going to pick up some Suave or VO5 conditioner and try that w/my bs. I've been dissolving the bs in my hand, but it still seems to stay pretty much where I slap it on my head!! Since Gina had recommended starting at my crown that's where most of the bs ends up.
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i use a spray bottle and spray it all over my hair, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

i made baking soda balls yesterday (baking soda, honey, water, EO--molded into little balls, dried), and i made it into a loose paste today in the shower. worked well--and it's fun to make the little balls (thanks to someone on here!).

my hair adapted to no-poo right away. seriously, after one wash, it was awesome and it's been awesome ever since.

the conditioner is simple. if i'm using camomile tea, i simply make tea and then put that in a spray bottle. i then add a squirt of aloe gel (get it in bulk from mountain rose herbs) and a tablespoon of coconut oil (from the asian/indian market). shake it up and spray it on (i use an 8 oz bottle, but tend to condition using only 3-4 oz--and i'll fridge it and use the rest 3-4 days later.)
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Yeah the sticky will tell you how to do a proper scalp scrub, but a lot of dirts and oils stick around the crown of your head. But a BS paste - you're right - just stays where you slap it, and you can't push it around to clean anything. Some people take a huge cup to dump on their heads or spray bottle and spray the majorly diluted baking soda and water on their heads
I've been doing no-poo for about a month now. I try and remember to "scritch" my scalp with a wide-toothed comb before my shower to loosen oils and plugs. I dilute about 1 tbsp of BS in ~16oz of water (I have a 16 oz travel mug that works for this and use the spoon to make sure the BS is completely disolved). I massage my hair and scalp for about 3-5 mins to really work the BS mix through my hair (I've even gotten some little bubbles from doing this!) I then do a rinse of 1 tbsp of lemon juice (I have curly, greasy hair) in ~16oz of water and let that set for a few minutes (while I wash my face and body) then massage my scalp and hair 1-2 mins and rinse VERY well.

I'm loving it and can go 3-4 days between no-poos (depending on the humidity and how hot it's been). I sometimes mix a couple drops of TTO or lavender EO in for fragrance. I also bought a natural bristle brush and brush nightly to help distribute the oils down the hair shaft.
i have dreadlocks, so no combing allowed! LOL i do massage my scalp before washing, though.

i use a loose paste and i find it doesn't 'slap' anywhere. once it's a loose paste on my hands, i rub it all over my hands and then finger it thruogh my hair and across my scalp. I then massage my scalp and rinse the hair thoroughly.

but, i'm not saying that a spray bottle with better dilution wouldn't work. I think is probably does work. just that the loose paste isn't that much of a problem once you get used to working with it.

And, i'll try it. I have a lot of spray bottles around for washing hair: shampoo spray bottle, conditioning spray bottle, leave in spray bottle, travel spray bottle. i've only been using two of them (conditioning converted to ACV) and leave-in spray bottle. So, now i can use no-poo spray bottle too.
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Dreads usually are drier than regular hair, so the oils don't travel much (and don't get as dirty). So it may not affect you as much to keep the baking soda paste near your scalp.

For people with oily hair, it's a problem.
I broke down last night and used some cheap Suave shampoo that my dh had. My hair didn't necessarily look dirty, but it felt incredibly disgusting.

Now w/these new ideas though I've got some more to go on. I think tonight I won't use anything, but tomorrow night I'll try the REALLY diluted baking soda. Thanks to all of you!
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In what way was your hair disgusting? If your hair is detoxing oils and silicones, it will feel gummy.
What I've been doing recently isn't technically no-poo, but does seem to be working. I tried the conditioner/bs thing, but just seemed to get greasies that way. So for a week or so I've been putting a little conditioner and a small squirt of shampoo in a cup with a tablespoon or so of bs, then adding water and making sure everything's dissolved. So far success.

Originally Posted by Spastica
In what way was your hair disgusting? If your hair is detoxing oils and silicones, it will feel gummy.
Well, as I mentioned it felt like I'd been on the back of a motorcycle for hundreds of miles
Maybe it was detoxing. I don't know. It didn't look dirty, it only felt gross when I'd touch it.

Okay, now I have to ask...why do people do the whole no-poo thing? I guess I decided to b/c the "natural" shampoos and conditioners I'd been using are expensive. And I'm buying them at wholesale prices through Frontier. But anyway, so it was a cost issue. Plus I just thought it would be the most natural thing to do.

But now when I read about adding conditioners or even shampoos to the mix I'm left wondering why others do it? Just to lessen the amount of harmful crud that are in shampoos?
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Originally Posted by oneotamama
But now when I read about adding conditioners or even shampoos to the mix I'm left wondering why others do it? Just to lessen the amount of harmful crud that are in shampoos?
Well, I read here that no poo can help with itchy scalp. I've had itchy, dandruffy scalp ever since I was a teenager. Doing bs alone made me not itch, but my scalp got yucky, like I couldn't really get off all the dead skin. So I tried the conditioner/bs combo. That helped with the itchies and crusties, but made my hair yucky. Shampoo alone makes me itch. But adding just a touch to the bs and conditioner cuts the grease just enough, I guess.
People no-poo for the following reasons:

- Some people don't like sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates
- Don't like parabens
- Don't like perfumes or are allergic to perfumes or some chemicals
- Have psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, or sebhorreic dermatitis
- Have curly hair and shampoo ruins their curls
- Have totally greasy hair from shampooing (which aggravates oil production)
- Have bad skin, which no-poo can correct
- Would like a natural remedy but most natural shampoos on the market are too expensive
- Don't want to overstrip hair
- Want to mend overprocessed, split, or damaged hair

Also, the conditioner/bs mixture completely depends on the conditioner. You can't use premium conditioners, moisturizing conditioners, mending/repairing conditioners, or heavy conditioners. You can't use conditioners that have silicones in them.

You must use a lightweight conditioner primarily used for detangling and does little else. Even clarifying conditioners will work. It can't coat the hair too much like heavy or moisturizing conditioners do. That leads to greasiness.

The cheapo conditioners are less likely to have silicones (the non-soluble silicones coat your hair and eventually block moisture out, which leads to drying, splitting, and breakage - and cause build up) and they don't weigh your hair down.

You can also low-poo with shampoos that have other surfactants, like coco-betaine or no-poo with the baking soda/ACV combo, or my favorite lightweight conditioner and baking soda, conditioner/BS/brown sugar, or conditioner/brown sugar. It's lovely. My boyfriend LOVES my hair now. It's even better now that my hair is actually growing and keeping length rather than just breaking off and looking scraggly at the ends.

If you want information on no-poo, the types of conditioners to use, the method, and other stuff, go here, I posted a ton of links. I can't keep typing everything out each time!
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