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First, I wanted to say I'm sorry for probably posting something that is in the archives... I looked, but couldn't find it.

Ok, my problem: my teeth and gums look awful! My gums started bleeding when I was pregnant with dd and never stopped. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't go to the dentist while pg or until I got pg with my 2nd (back in Feb.) Well, they scheduled me for two cleanings, one was very painful- involved a topical numbing agent and then using a high powered spray to spray under my gums. The other seemed like they were sandblasting my teeth. Anyway, they gave me a flouride rinse to use for six weeks.

My gums stopped bleeding and everything looked better... for about a month! Now they are awful again: all swollen, bright red in spots, bleed if I touch them, and my teeth seem to be developing a brownish stain. I don't use flouride toothpaste (use Desert Essence w/ tea tree oil and neem), brush frequently, and I floss everyday and have for years. So what is the problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated... my mouth hurts!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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