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I just had to come and brag about my husband Greg. He totally rocks beyond belief. Let me explain...
our dd1- Sara is pottylearning at 2.5yrs. It has been slow going with some advances and setbacks, and mostly I am the one helping her work through the transition from diaper to toilet. (not ready for ec just yet!)
Anyway, she's been doing very well, but this past weekend, we were at my sisters house for a bbq and Sara wet herself 3 times.
We were all very calm (dh and I) and helped Sara to the potty, changed her, etc.
Well, a bunch of people were around and we were all watching Sara playing and dancing, and sometimes she gets so involved, she doesn't stop to let me know its time to go pee. So as she played in front of all of us, she stopped and wet herself (quite a bit actually) in front of everyone.
These adults, ages 16-50 all began to laugh and point and make fun of her peeing. No kidding! I wasn't embarrassed for Sara, but for these people! I looked at Sara's face and she was confused as to why people were laughing. Then as I walked over to her, Greg said in a very firm matter-of-fact voice, " As adults, I would expect more appropriate behavior than laughing and belittling my daughter. We are all supposed to be mature adults here, right?"
WELL.... that shut everyone right up.

Inside I was reeling with delight! I would have said something myself, but he is sooo much better at talking sensibly when filled with emotion.
I on the other hand was so angry at this I would have just shouted, "HEY, STOP LAUGHING AT MY KID YA JERKS!"
ahhh what a man...he's a keeper!

lots of love!
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