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I just wanted to say how awesome my honey is. Today, I just went to my All Day at the Spa appointment which my husband bought for me.

It included:

a 1 hour facial
a 1 hour massage
a 1 hour pedicure
and a manicure!

Oh yeah, and also lunch was included.

It was so great. It was pretty much the first time I've been away from my 19 month old since he was gone. And since we have another Babe coming in August, he thought I needed the relaxation.

I love him...and just wanted to brag!!

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glad you had a great time!! Isn't it nice when your hubby does things like that for you.

I know every 2 weeks i go to get my nails, feet & eyebrows done & i enjoy my 3 hours out... hmmm i need to hint to hom about a massage though. Well he gives them to me at home ALOT so i guess i shouldn't complain.

I love to here positive things about our hunnies!!!!
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