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My husband knows exactly what I'm going through...

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Yep, that's what he just told me. He's a veritable *expert* because I guess he's seen the term postpartum depression on the cover of a magazine once or something.

And it's all my fault. And my problem is that I don't care about anyone but myself. And my baby hates me because I yell at him around her.

This is why I don't need a therapist, because I have such a wise and all-knowing husband.

Hi there, by the way. I'm another person who's been avoiding this forum for too long.
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Hmm that sounds frustrating! Perhaps you should pump some milk and leave DH with baby for an entire day and see how he fares since he's so all knowing, he shoudl probably have no problem with it at all!

Don't forget to give him lots of things to do like grocery shopping etc... so he can't just stay home with baby.
Heh. Thanks for replying. It's gotten better since I wrote that, but that's not to say it won't get worse again.
We're usually fine during the week and then the weekends... bleh.

I've thought about just taking off and letting him deal and see how he likes it, but she doesn't take a bottle, and doesn't do well with anyone but me for more than 1/2 hours maybe. And I don't want to make her suffer for his jerkiness.
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yeah, I've been avoiding it too....
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to you. I avoid this forum too, probably because I keep hoping the homeopathic remedy I've been taking will work, also because I realize what work it is to really retrain myself not to be depressed. Sorry you have been having so many troubles. This board is great, if you use it.
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