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My ideal prefold....

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Would somebody out there makes some snappi friendly prefolds that are more square? Shorter than a premium cpf. Made of a stretchy terry that is super snappiable with some extra layers sewn down the center? No hemp, so they wash up nice and fresh! I don't care for the way the premium cpf's are so long and narrow. It is difficult to get the back corners around to the front and there is always a bulk to fold down in front. And I don't sew, so I can't do what engieermama did and modify my prefolds.
Does anyone else think this would make a nice diaper?
Or would they be too expensive? I would want them to be as inexpensive as cpf's.
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Great idea, Holly!

Now that I can finally use the
Snappi, I'm discovering that I need a prefold to be slightly wider, not longer.
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I find that the width is perfect for my skinny guys. But, the length could definitely be shorter. And, something stretchy to fit like a glove, yet still snappiable......wonderful. But, yes, still cheap!
I would like one more square, too. I had to stop using the premiums because they don't reach across Forest's waist. The toddler ones are too long but wide enough.

I had a problem with the stretchy ones- the hemp terry though- he could pull them down like pants and take them off that way. That was my pet peeve with stretch.
I would looove some of these. I love using prefolds but the bulk either in the front or the back drives me crazy. And wider would be better! If I had a sewing machine I would do it myself but, I don't
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i have exactly what you described! i use them trifolded in wraps, but i bet they would be great snappi'd too...i'm not sure the mama i bought them from is sewing much these days, but i'll have her pm you if she is

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How does cotton jersey (T-shirt fabric) hold up with a snappi? (I'm snappi-ignorant, forgive me!) Just trying to think on this here....
Stella, t-shirt material would get holes and runs if you tried to snappi it.

Yes, if someone knows of a WAHM who makes prefolds like this, feel free to SPAM me!
I would love one that is 16x16 and just a teeny bit of stretch in it, like those microfiber towels I got! That would be perfect!!
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what about those australian terry prefolds i keep seeing around? what are they like?
Ok - that's kinda what I figured. It doesn't hold up well with pins, either.
Ooh, sign me up for Spam for shorter, wider prefolds!!! Or if she's not still making them...maybe find out what kind of material she used??
Exactly what measurements are you looking for? 16x16"? Measure your prefolds, ect, and post here so the wahms of the world know exactly what you want

Cheers, Carolyn
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.me. I don't know about those Australian ones. Can you link me to them? The last time I looked at them, I thought the price was kinda high, I think, but that's all remember.
Carolyn! Are you going to make me some?
Prefolds are great because they are versatile. but it seems as soon as my baby grows into the rised without it needing to be folded down anymore, it is way too narrow to snappi with ease or like now, I want the increased absorption of the premium. I know the front can be fanned out, but a snappi only stretches to the sides so far, yk?
I wouldn't want it to have too many layers or be too complicated, cuz that would just make them harder to sew and more expensive. I already gave my specs. Anyone else?
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Isn't this what Stacey at Littl Lounging Lizards makes? Check them out here and see if this will help you!

They are snappi-able too, I believe!

her stuff!!
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Hers are hemp and I don't think they are square or very wide, but they are long. I have a med/large Nighty Newt and it's actually difficult for me to get it snappied because it isn't wide enough to reach around very easily. Also, the sides are snappiable, but there is not a snappiable area for the third leg. Am I the only one that finds them to be long and narrow? I trifold them and use them as stuffers for my pocket diapers.
I am a tester for First Class Baby diapers, and I believe that the ladies at Made By Mom Diaper Co. will be offering square prefolds like you are looking for! They open tomorrow so check it out.

PS--i LOVE my diaper...I can't stop telling people about it!
So I know teh craftsmanship will be wonderful on these ladies' products.
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try contacting heidi at sugarbums, she does great with customizations.
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