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- tie dye kit<br>
- yoga pants for me, Old Navy or Gap (black, gray, navy...) Size S or XS (115lbs 5'4")<br>
- Pearl Jam tees S,M or L (except No Code, Yield sign, Ape man) or kids' too!<br>
- Dave Matthews Band shirts, same as above<br>
- Cranium and Cariboo board game (EC only, ALL pieces, please)<br>
- Rescue Heroes, figures and stuff (but we have TONS already)<br>
- HABA Sleepy Princess Pea Game<br>
- HABA Badger game<br>
- HABA cash register<br>
- HABA egg race<br>
- HABA doctor's kit<br>
- Peanut butter and jelly game (Hearthsong)<br>
- Wooden Play Tea Set - Melissa & Doug<br>
- Pretend Sandwich Making Set - Melissa & Doug<br>
- Bead sequencing<br>
- Wooden lap harp<br>
- NIP Lego sets (5+)<br>
- Imaginext sets<br>
- 3T-4T PLAIN, solid or small design TEES, for girl, prefer Old Navy/Gap/Target/Gymboree/TCP<br>
- hand puppets (have some already)<br><br>
...other wooden/Waldorf/Montessori toys, especially cooperative games<br><br><br><b><br>
- Superimmunity For Kids<br>
- Unconditional Parenting<br>
- Playful Parenting<br>
- Becoming Attached by Robert Karen, Ph.D.<br>
- Our Babies, Our Selves by Meredith Small, Ph.D.<br>
- Dumbing Us Down<br>
- The Magical Child, Pearce<br>
- Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood, Susan Linn<br>
- Children learn what they live<br><br>
any books along the above lines<br><b><br>
KIDS' BOOKS:</b><br>
- Stellaluna<br>
- Mutt Dog! by Stephen Michael King<br>
- I love you the purplest<br>
- The Hundred Dresses<br>
- Why?<br>
- What if?<br>
- We Share One World<br>
- Little Yellow pear tomatoes<br>
- A Ride on Mother's Back: A Day of Baby Carrying around the World by Emery Bernhard<br>
- Relax by Catherine O'Neill Grace<br><br><br><b>GCs</b> to :<br>
Whole Foods/Trader Joe's/Henry's<br>
Gap/Old Navy<br>
Cheesecake Factory<br>
Pei Wei/PF Chang's<br>
amazon/Borders/Barnes & Noble<br><br>
any place that carries the HABA toys mentioned above<br>
***any restaurant/fast food chain in NC (my ILs have relatives evacuees from Louisiana living with them)***

2,461 Posts
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