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My kid is feeding wild life struggling with snow:)

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I was so proud I have to share this..

In the middle of East Coast winter we went to get some food supplies
for us between the blizards.. and my dd just suggested that
we should buy something for squirrels and birds.. so the frenzy started..
we got what we could grab as not much was left in the store..

we bought carrots, bread and seeds and put half of it out
before the storm and it was gone in a split second..

tons of birds came and just cleaned it out..

then we put more last night and in the morning there was NOTHING!

it was such a great idea..
I can imagine how difficult it must be for all those birds and
rabbits and alike out there since everhting is covered under tons of snow
that is not going to go anywhere anytime soon..

It is such a great idea to help them survive so they can sing for us
all year long.

I am so proud of my dd to came up with this brilliant idea
that I wanted to share.

I am sure all kids will be happy to see their goodies put out
to dissapear in hungry tummies..

we just threw bread on the snow and spread seeds on the cleared
sidewalk.. we don't have any bird houses or feeding houses
but clearly that was not a problem :)

feed the birds! :) as in the M. Poppins movie :)
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That's awesome. What a thoughtful child!
Sweet! We do something similar....Food waste such as PB&J crusts left from DS, veggies that are going limp, 1/2 eaten apples, stale bread.....all gets thrown into the backyard rather than into the green bin. We found if put in the green bit the raccoons overturn them and make a mess so instead we purposely put them in the yard....squirrels, raccoons, a possum and the birds all love this....I also put out seed. We have a family of raccoons nearby....this summer a baby was in our big garbage bin and couldn't get out so I tipped it and released him....well through the last of the summer and even this winter we occassionally have a raccoon who comes and scratches on our deck sliding door. LOL drives the cats crazy.
Its lovely your daughter wanted to help the animals but I personally I believe you shouldn't feed wild animals as they can become dependent on humans can loose their foraging skills, they lose their fear of humans and you can make them sick by feeding them items not usually found in their diet like bread.
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