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Not sure I can be of any help as I've only made it once...<br><br>
Is it too cool to get the ferment started? Is there really nothing going on? No bubbles, it's not trying to creep up over the brine?<br><br>
When I made it I used some clear kefir whey to have lots of good buggies growing in there, and it was ready in three days. I know I've heard that Fallon's recipe without whey has too much salt for the kraut and I think the kimchi too. So I'm not sure what to tell you...!!!<br><br>
Another site I looked at for kraut said to use one outer green cabbage leaf because it has good microorganisms too that help the ferment. Of course organic would be ideal.<br><br>
Hope it works out for you! I know it can be frustrating. I would give it more time - I think you can still put it in the fridge and it will continue the process, albeit slower, if you don't want to leave it out longer.
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