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My Kozy arrived an hour ago and I already love it!!

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My kozy is just gorgeous (and SO well-made) and DD seems to like it. SO far I have just tried the front carry - she felt very secure and it was very comfortable - she is nine months old and 22 lbs!!

Kelley included information on how to do a basic front carry and a back carry. Does anyone know of any websites that show how to do a hip carry or a front carry (where baby is facing outwards)? Thanks!!!

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ohhh - I'm so jealous! Can you post a picture??

I just got on the list last night. I hope. I haven't received a confirmation email yet.

How long did you wait to get yours?
I don't have a digital, but I will try and get a freind to take a photo! I LOVE this carrier!!!
I got a reversible one in natural with the baroque fabric. So far I have tried the front carrier - easy to do and very comfortable, the back carry twice (can't get it ot work
), and my own modified front carry (carrying Aislinn facing out!)! As soon as Dh gets home, I am going to get him to help me with the back carry.

I ordered my carrier at the beginning of April. I htink it was well worth the wait! Kelley provides excellent customer service - I had loads of questions and she was always willing to answer all of my questions.

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I love my new one too! I tried a forward facing front carry with legs out and it was very uncomfortable for Jack. I think the forward facing only works well if you can tuck their legs in (which Jack hates!) He liked the backward-facing front carry. We haven't tried the back carry yet (which is why I bought the Kozy!)

It's very comfortable. I always liked the Bjorn also, but this is much lighter weight and you can move in it better. I'm still learning how to arrange it so that there isn't a lot of fabric in Jack's face.
Ditto! Mine arrived 2 days before we left for Disney World & WOW did it ever make a difference. My friend was seriously covetting it when her 15 mo old couldn't walk anymore. Thanks so much kelly. I Love My Kozy
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