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From this computer while it's in this house. Here in about an hour I'm going to be packing it up. Wow. I'm frustrated that I don't have enough done. I know there's a lot of boxes and furniture to be loaded, so I should have plenty of time to pack whatever's left while the guys are loading the rest in the truck. Probably it will be Monday or Tuesday before I get this computer hooked back up, and I'm not sure when we'll get it back online. The friends we're moving in with have internet, but it's dial up and he's rather much addicted to limewire, so I'm not sure how often I'll get to be online. Best wishes to everyone in my absence. I'll check in Thursday from the library while the kids are at story hour if all else fails..
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I just wanted to say good luck!! Breathe deep and don't lift anything!!!

Take care mama.

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s Hope everything goes well with your move! I was worried that something really bad had happened when I saw "last post."
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sorry to scare you. I was trying to pack, post and control midgets at the same time. NOt the best time to come up with a tame thread title...
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