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My laundry line is up and functional!!

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WoooHooooo! As of today, my beautiful laundry line is in full working order and already on the way to paying for itself. I bought it online and it was complete with 2 steel t-posts and line. DH put in the posts about a week ago and just today put up the line. So we've been doing laundry like crazy today and blissfully letting our dryer (even though it is new and highly efficient) take a break, along with our power bill heeheee. My line is a big one, with 5 lines each about 20 feet long, first time I've had a line that was more than just some jerry-rigged get-by.

We've been dealing with some hefty power bills and have been on the offensive trying to track down what it is we're doing wrong. Been tracking the kWh on the meter daily, turning various appliances off for periods of time (24 hrs) to compare. Our water heater received some help the other day that seems to be helping, plus I have started setting a timer for myself to keep my hot showers from being very very loooooooong, luxurious hot HOT showers (my one vice
). We're waiting for a power co employee to come by and do an energy audit for us.

Just wanted to share!
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That's great! It'll be nice when it reflects in your electric bill, not to mention what you are doing for the environment
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clothslines are the best! Fresh, sundried smell to your items and not to mention free!

Using a clothsline will make a big difference in your power bill

I love using solar power to dry clothes!!
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Our dryer broke, and I've not been eager to fix it. Drying clothes outside is SO cool.
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