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My legs hurt so bad

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Yesterday I had this awful stomach bug. I didn't throw up, but I had sharp pains in my stomach on and off all day, and felt achy all over.

Today, thankfully, the stomach pains are gone, but I am experiencing this achy, almost artihritis-like feeling in my knees, ankles, and feet(and even sometimes in my fingers and calves...). It hurts to walk.
It feels kinda like normal pregnancy-swelling, but a lot more intense.

I don't know what to do for it! My midwife told me I should get nettle tincture to help with swelling, since I have already started swelling in my ankles a little. So I'm considering going to the HFS to get that, though I am having trouble getting motivated enough to get dressed and leave the house, since it hurts to walk.

Any suggestions would be appreciated....

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When pregnant, I always up my magnesium dosage. I havent had any leg cramps yet!!

I also love nettle infusions and am crazy about it with peppermint. It is so good chilled. I would take an infusion any day over a tincture.
These aren't really cramps(and I know, I had them BAD with my first pregnancy), but more of an intense achiness.

Hmm...what's the difference between a tincture and an infusion? Is an infusion complicated to make?
A tincture is either made from letting the herb sit in alcohol or glycerin for many weeks. You then would take it for what ever medical issue going on. I do keep tinctures around, like echinacea. When I need to take that, I am usually to tired and sick to make an infusion.

An infusion is letting the herb sit in boiling water for several hour or overnight, and then strained before drinking. I drink nettle infusion because it is more of a food to me. It is so healing and nourishing. My midwife recommend that I drink this everyday. On days when I drink this, I dont even take prenatals. I had terrible skin itching for the beginning of the pregnancy, but as long as I drink this, it is bearable.

For specifics on how I make my infusion, I use a heaping tablespoon of herb per cup or boiling water. I make a canning jar at a time. I add a tablespoon of peppermint for flavor. I let it steep a minimum of 3 hours, but up to overnight. After I strain it, I put it in the fridge. It is really yummy cold. My 2 year old drinks this tea all the time. She prefers it unsweetened.

Here is a great article on why to use nettles during pregnancy:

Herbalist uses 1 oz herb per quart or boiling water. And then says to drink 2 cups per day. I use a little less herb, but drink 4 cups a day. Others will recommend different ratios. If you want more input on herbs, you could start a thread on nettles.
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Bluebirdmama - Thank you so much for the link. A nettle infusions sounds exactly like something that my body desperately needs right now. I am suffering from so much muscle discomfort in my legs among other things.
Definitely, thanks Bluebirdmama. I'm going to see about getting some nettles and peppermint.

I do feel considerably better. I've been forcing myself to drink more water, and I've drank a bunch of the pregnancy tea my midwife gave me. But still, I doubt I'm in the clear.
Mag+calcium and maybe some electrolyte balancing drink. Hope you're feeling better. Whenever my legs hurt, I take this calcium and Mag supplement and it works well!

Take care,


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Mag+calcium and maybe some electrolyte balancing drink. Hope you're feeling better. Whenever my legs hurt, I take this calcium and Mag supplement and it works well!

Take care,

Thank you! I was taking a calcium/magnesium/iron supplement, but then I realized that I was getting too much iron because of my prenatals. I need to get some plain magnesium/calcium.

I do feel tons better than I did. My ankles are still a little funny sometimes, but when they start bothering me I take it as a sign to up my water intake and it's all good.
I think I'll be ok. The intensity of the aching scared me a little, that's all.

Thanks again.
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