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Hi all,
I had to get this story out and hopefully y'all think it's as amusing/
as I do.

Last night, my oldest graduated from high school. So, the rest of us got the privilege of sitting in the bleachers. My DS2 is 18 months old now and was getting quite bored of Mommy's lap. He's a social little guy and decided he needed to hang with the mom in front of me. She was very obliging and let him sit on her lap and play with her sunglasses and camera. (She confided that her youngest was graduating so she was enjoying the baby fix

After a bit DS noticed the "bumps" under the mom's shirt. He decided that they needed repeated squeezing! Geez, I wanted to crawl under the stands. But, she was very nice and laughed it all off and complimented his gentleness.
Oh man, I think I'm in trouble.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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