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My little boy is 2 1/2 and getting so big!

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Just an off post to say I love my son and he is the greatest!! He went to the dentist today for the first time and did SO well!!! Got his 3 stickers and toothbrush/toothpaste and smiled so big!! He had his checkup Tuesday and he weighs 33 pounds and is 39 inches tall! He wears a size 10 shoe! He is eating so much better now(sids child) and has been improving on his speech in leaps and bounds!! I know nobody on here knows me, but I just had to say how proud i am of my little toddler and I am sad hes growing up. I have come so far since I had PPD when he was born and am also proud of the way AP has helped me raise him right so far.
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Thats wonderful! My DD is 2.5 too and was/is very high needs and AP has been great for her too. Glad you have worked through your PPD and got to this point! I am from UK originally myself.
Awesome! My DS is 2.5 too & he gets on the scale & says "pounds!" That's his newest word, pounds. (But of course he doesn't know what pounds are, but it's cute. Don't know how much he weighs - scale's not a good one.) I love this age! (I love every age, though!)
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