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I am starting to really lose my sanity...LOL

DD (8 wks) has only slept about 2 hours since 10 this morning. Even that was not at one time.

She will not fall asleep on her own, take a pacifier, or fall asleep without my nipple in her mouth. Then, even after she does fall asleep, if I remove my nipple from her mouth, she is awake within a half hour.

I know I can't expect her to go very long between feedings, or expect her to sleep for long stretches but this is so difficult. I don't get anything else done. So far she has nursed 12 times and pumped for 20 min. in the last 16 hours.

I am returning to work next week and not only am i worried my dcp will quit, I can't even put her down long enough to pump any milk for just the first day. I pumped a whopping 1/2 oz.

I need help!

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