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My little princess is here! (NB diaper pics)

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Hey Ladies! After a long talk with my MW about the many risks involved with me having an induction after a c/s with my son, she decided it would be best to pray for a vaginal delivery and if it didnt come by 5/25 to schedule a c/s. She said shed support me either way but with my risks of uterine rupture, I agreed with her plan. I prayed and hoped for labor to come but it did not come. On Wednesday afternoon we headed to the hospital. I was prepped for surgery and told it would be nothing like my emerg. c/s with Braedon. I was devastated I wasnt going to have the VBAC I hoped for, but excited that I would soon see my little girl. At 4:19pm, Makenzie Raine came into our lives. She was 7lbs 11oz 20 inches. She has dark brown frowy hair and long toes and fingers. We are so proud of her and so happy to have her in our lives.

She had some latching problems the first day or 2, but she is now nursing like a champ. Braedon is enjoying having the milk back as well and has done wonderfully with her. He calls her "baaabyy!" and loves to show me all her body parts and give her kisses, which is quite the opposite of how I imagined hed react.

Shes been in her cloth since day 1. Despite her weight she is very petite and so most of her nb dipes are too big but we are managing and shes wearing them anyhow. I have some pics to share too. I'll update it as she fits into more.
Also, excuse her mega face rash in a few pics, she has super sensitive skin.
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OMG Congratulations!!! She's beautiful Lindsay! Love the NB diapers...oh how sweet
Thanks for sharing
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Congratulations Lindsey! She is absolutely precious!
I love all the nb diaper pics. Gotta get me one of those XS VB AIO's, it's too cute!
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Congratulations!! She's beautiful and I love all the itty bitty dipes
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omg - she's adorable!!! congrats!

all of the diapers look sooooo cute!
Aww she is too cute! I love the pics, newborns in newborn fluff=cuteness!
Congrats!!! She is just so precious - totally looks like Braedon!

And the diapers are all adorable! Now once you guys get all settled in and are ready for it we have to plan a get together so I can squeeze those chubby thighs!
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Awww! She's gorgeous!
the TDD preemie pf,too. I will definately go that route if I have another for that early nb stage. It looks like it fits really well!

Congrats mama!!
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Oh Lindsay, she's gorgeous! Congratulations! I love her little diapers!
Congrats Lindsay!
girl: She is a treasure, what a gorgeous wee baby. All those dipes look wonderful on her. Sigh... is there anything more precious than newborn dipe pics?
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she is beautiful. I cant wait until I get to hold my little one
She is beautiful, Lindsay and I love all the newborn diaper pics!!
I have that same FLAM print.
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She's gorgeous!! Love that BottomBumpers fitted.
She is beautiful! All that dark hair reminds me of my babes... aww...
Oh my goodness......she is adorable! So are the dipes!!!
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