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all over the SALAD
: I'm not for sure why--she said it was a "wilted lettuce" salad. She then made a big deal our of individually telling the rest of the family that the bacon in the bowl next to the salad was for the salad, she just couldn't put it in the salad because then I wouldn't eat it. Like I was the biggest inconvenience in the entire world and she was going out of her way to accomodate me. I guess all the bacon grease wasn't suppose to count. Dumping a bunch of grease all over the salad was just strange.

She just moved 4 blocks from us, after living 45 minutes away! It is a bit much.

And she is trying to help--in her own way, but she always think my 9yo vegetarian dd is suffering from malnutrition and is constantly trying to shove meat at her. Fortunately, my dd is 100% my kid--and the more Mimi pushes the subject, the more stubbornly my dd refuses the meat.

So looking forward to these holiday dinners coming up!
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