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My most obvious NIP experience

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We were at Pizza Hut about three weeks ago for a quick dinner before heading to the drive in. DS3 was in the sling, just hanging out when he got hungry. Well, since KS has the handy dandy new protection under law of NIP I decided to take it for a spin. I didn't bother taking him out of the sling (he was sitting in it, not laying down) and just flopped my boob up to where he could nurse. I've always nursed wherever we may be, but I'm usually very discreet about it, well NOT this time! There was no doubt about what I was doing. It was very liberating. There was an older couple a few tables away that would glance over every now and then, but they looked neither objectionable or supportive, just observant. It was a good night.
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What a great feeling to be able to just go about your business with only the needs of your ds in mind, rather than the needs of the entire public!!
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