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My Mother's Blessing is today!

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I have been looking forward to this day since before I got a BFP!

Two of my closest friends are hosting this for me, and they haven't asked me to do 1 single thing! I've got my house totally cleaned and that's all I've done!

I am so grateful for this!

Anyone else having a blessing way?

I'll tell you all how it goes later (the event is at 2)
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I had mine last Sunday and I am still floating on a cloud of delight. My daughter and I were adorned with flower crowns. I got my belly painted with henna. My feet were saoked in lavendar water with rose petals while my shoulders were massaged and I received Reiki and reflexology. We released our fears by writing them, saying them, then burning them. We spoke our intentions. I was fed organic chocolate and berries ... the list was endless.
My you have a glorious day
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I was going to have one, but the friend who was going to throw it couldn't do it anymore and my other friend who took over is throwing me a more traditional type shower (next week).

How was it?
i totally want one. most of my real lilfe friends are clueless, so not gonna happen, at least this time around ;-) i might have too the one to thrown it for someone else for anyone to get it.

please let us know how it goes! i hope it's a blast
how did it go??
It was beautiful!

Everyone brought a special bead and created a blessing way necklace for me. There were so many special beads I decided to have them made into two necklaces! Someone gave me a Tibetan prayer wheel from India, and someone else gave me a locket with a piece of fabric that had been blessed by the Dalai Lama and his picture!

Everyone also brought something to add to my birth wreath. It's full of comforting and encouraging symbols.

It was just a beautiful day! I'll try to upload some pictures later
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