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My nausea cure... it really works!

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VITAMIN K!!!!!!!

I swear it has been like magic for me. My midwife gave it to me a few weeks ago and with-in 10 minutes of taking it all my nausea is gone! It comes in tincture form, the ingredients are Alfalfa leaf and Shepherd's Purse. We have a local herb company that makes it but I'll bet you can get it at Whole Foods. I put two dropperfulls under my tounge and hold it as long as I can. This gets it in to your system fast, but it burns because of the alcohol and it tastes so bad. But it is worth it! It has saved me and I have tried everything over the last 2+ months.

I do know that Vitamin K is not like other vitamins, meaning you can't overdose on it. Hope this can help any of you. I may post this on other DDC also. And of course ask your doc or midwife before taking.
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rainbow light whole food prenatals have that in them too

glad you found something that works for you

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I'm happy to hear that you've found some relief! M/s sucks majorly so whatever works is amazing! I've found ice water to help a lot these days...
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Go get the Vit B6 shot! It is working for me.
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