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My neighbor is nursing!

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My neighbors, a young, very mainstream coupple, moved in last summer. We talked over the fence a few times as I was out in the yard nursing dd who was then about 6 months. She commented a few times that she had never realy been around anyone nursing before and remarked that it looked easier than she had thought it would be. I talked a bit at the time about how wonderful it was, easy, healthy ect. But I have ot say that I realy didn't think she was the sort of person who would even try it.

Well she had a baby on Wednesday and SHE IS NURSING HER!!!!!! Yay! I guess that goes to show you sholdn't judge a book by it's cover.

I feel like I influenced her as there are not that many people who nurse around here.

It also came up in our conversation that dd is still nursing (15 months) She was surprised at that as 3 months is the norm for those who do nurse around here but I think she is going to be open to EBFing.

Yippy for another baby getting the good stuff!
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good on ya!!! Doesn't it feel GOOD to make a difference!?
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It does feel good! I hope she's successful. I'm going to try and help out with bringing food over and stuff like that, anything I can do to make it easier for her.
that's great! you never know how much what you do will affect some one
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