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my new fav things!

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I finally bit the bullet and bought the picky pants pattern. Where has it been all my life????? I am so in love with it. I can't even do simple math at this stage in the pregnancy- so it is like a godsend! Knitting in the Shade- I salute you!

My other new fav is 3IG! Has there been a more fab yarn for picky pants? I think not! Bellababe- yay for your last coop- I am love love loving my yarn!

OK- one more.... My special stitch markers (a la MDC mamas). I see the ladies at my LYS with thier little scraps of yarn or thier little boring markers and I kinda have to snicker. Why if you are buying all the Addi's that the good folks at Addi can make- why don't you have cool knitting candy? Hmmmm- not so long ago I was one of them... now I have the coolest knitting candy around!
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LOL - Glad that you're enjoying the pattern! My Dh used to joke that I couldn't do math in my head while I was preggo, so I know how that feels
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LMAO knitting candy.

I have some pretty sweet Wizard of Oz stitch markers myself.... they make me feel high and mighty too.

Take care,
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