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My new Podeagi (pics)

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I found the instructions on Rev Jans page, and finally got around to making my own podeagi. There is quite a learning curve on it, but we are getting it. Here are pics of the first time I put it on, with my 25 lb 2 year old, on saturday. Yesterday we went grocery shopping, and I really felt like I had it. She even slept on my back. I wish I had gotten a pic of that.
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Way to go, it looks great! I like your color choices too.
Awesome pictures! Love the fabric!
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Thank you. It was on clearence at Hancocks...I think it is called Girl Power or something like that.

If you look at the pic of her on my back, you can tell I did it wrong, but I figured it out after that...

Off to find my sarong and see if I can carry her in that.
I do love the fabric choices. They look great!

Although I noticed looking at the pics, that the straps aren't quite underneath your dd's bum. Sometimes it's hard to get them to stay there without putting the straps underneath the legs as you bring the last part around to tie in front.

Just a hint, from an avid podaegi wearer

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Thank you for the tips. I figured it out later, and discovered I love the rucksack carry the best...Seems to work the best for dd and I.
Can someone link me up to the instructions ...I'd love to try making one.
I LOVE that! That fabric is great too! I would like the link to the instructions as well! I would love to make one of those
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I must be blind ...but I just don't see the baby crafts link.... help!
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