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That is just the most beautiful newborn stash!!

(And I peeked at your blog!
a. you look beautiful
b. my theory (& my 15 year old dd's!) is that Dumbledore really IS dead (sorry!) but that Snape is a hero and is good, and killed Dumbledore (reluctantly - that was what Snape was telling Dumbledore he didn't want to do anymore) because he promised that he'd do so. When Dumbledore says, Please Severus, he's saying please keep your promise & kill me - not begging for his life, which is beneath D's dignity. Only way to convince death eaters Snape is on their side, & thereby get Snape in a position to be able to hurt them from within & help Harry (whose mother I think Snape loved) when it is vital that he do so.)
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