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My Newborn Stash :)

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Okay, here goes!!

Katie's Stash

I think that's all of it

I'm so excited to meet her and put these dipes on her bum!! Not QUITE yet though! 33w5d and plugging along!


P.S. The first pic is a kitty cat puppet (looks like a dog, don't ask) I made for Libby this morning... during my UP time! Yep, I get UP time now! 3 hours a day of sitting up!! It's wonky, but loveable
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Thanks, you're so accommadating (sp?)

I think you've got a great stash
<-- I couldn't find a drooling smiley, so you get this instead.

I'll have to buy a disposable camera so I can take pics of Sara's stash once I get it all.
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How cute! I loved the wool, and the pipsqueak, How cute! I didn't know nikky's came in colors- I have prints, but no colors...
Gretchen, I dyed the Nikkys!! The cotton outer ones dye up beautifully
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great stash! mine is nothing like that and my baby is here
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Oh, wow! You are going to have so much fun when Katy comes out to play.
What a cute stash, I dyed my cotton nikkys too. Newborn diapers are so tiny and adorable.
*swoon* newborn dipes, I miss newborn dipes.
Oh my goodness! Look at the tiny little soakers! I
newborn stuff.
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Holy Diapers Mama! What a great stash! That Katie's a lucky one!

I would love to get to buy itsy bitsy dipes, but alas, no new babes for me right now...
Whoo! What a stash!!
I love nb dipes... It's hard to believe that your dc are ever that small!

HOORAY for UP time!!! Here's to keepin' that pumpkin cooking
(they are non-alcoholic by the way...)
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very cute, i may have to trya loveybums, they look so nice!
Ohhhh... it's all sooooo cute! Definitely come back and post pictures of all the fluff on your baby's bum in, oh, 8 weeks or so!
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That's a great stash!! I wouldn't be able to decide what to use first
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Oh wow - just beautiful!!!!!!

I love the wool covers. And sherpa and velour Loveybums are my addiction!!!!!! If you decide to sell those once she grows out of them let me know

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So cute!!!! I love the tiny stuff. I really like your dyed Nikkys. I wish I'd had a little baby because it makes me so sad that I hardly got to use my newborn stuff after spending so much time collecting it.
I'll just count my blessings that he was healthy and just the way he was meant to be though. (Postpartum hormones here, ignore me.)
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I am soooooo jealous!!! You have an awesome stash!! If I don't hurry up and make a decision about what I want and get some bought my little boy is going to have to go into sposies when he is born!! August is coming much too fast!

Such a cute stash! Keep cookin' that baby! (I was on bedrest too, no fun
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Awesome stash! I can' wait to build a newborn stash again, all of those little diapers.
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