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My Niece wrote this: (mentions abuse)

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I am from....
Glazed eyes filled with tears and sniffeling noses.
Brothers comforting hugs keeping me together.
Nerve-racking dreams of rough monster hands.
Black and blue body coverd with scars.
Shaking hands and quivering legs.
I am from....
Silence and whispers, pretending to sleep.
Creeks of floors overhead.
Loud thuds and fists banging.
High pitched screams and crys.
I am from....
Smooth, ice cold concret floors.
Painful bruises that hurt at the touch.
Teardrops puddled slidding down red cheeks.
Goosebumps arise with every beconing cry.
Long arms drapped around me trying to prevent tears.
I am from.....
Fresh tears and blood.
Sizzleling green pepper pizza known in happier times.
Nicoteen smoke from a ciggarette burning slowly.
Fresh cut grass under cold damp feet.
Salty presperation with every monstering step.
I am from....
Alcohal breath from a panting drunk.
The aroma of green apple shampoo washing my bruised ill body.
Rubbing alcahol burning my nose as it heals my cuts.
Musky old rooms.
Clean washed mountain brezze sheets as I slowly fade into sleep.
This is where I remember I am from.

************************************************** ****

DN is now finally out of that house and living where she belongs...with her mother. She is 14
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This is very touching.
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