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My Nipples Hurt!

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I don't understand... lately my nipples hurt when Chloe nurses. I haven't had a single moment of discomfort while nursing Chloe in almost 9 months, but suddenly in the past few days, my nipples have been so sore, and i actually wince when she is about to latch on knowing that its going to hurt. I think I may have figured out why, but help me out here.

When i nursed AJ, he didn't get his first tooth until he was 11 1/2 months, and i weaned him at 9 months (because of stupidity and selfishness)... anywah, i've never nursed a babe w/teeth coming in... and i just noticed today that Chloe has a tiny speck of tooth coming through... Do you think that the gums are harder when the teeth are just under them, which could cause my nipples to get sore?????????

What are your thoughts about it? Mind you, they are not in pain, just a little sore only while nursing and not bad enough to cause me to stop.
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I had a similar problem.
The pain was unbearable, and everyone was telling me that it shouldn't hurt, well it DID! But we got through it, it was just a phase.
we are going thru something similar. let me tell you, it gives new meaning to long nights now that i can't sleep thru her nursings

i'm glad to hear that it ends! my dd recently got three top teeth to go with her two bottoms and i was worried that it was gonna hurt from here on out. we are going to let her nurse as long as she wants (clw) and are delaying solids. not that it would change my mind, but i want to be able to nurse without feeling like jumping out of my skin (at least for a few more months
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Yeah, I think that Dante rubbed his gums against my nipple a little, to help his gums hurt less, when they were pushing through. I think it'll pass...

It's not a deep ache, is it? That would sort of point towards thrush...

I struggle with painful nipples and it's almost always thrush. Especially if they burn after baby unlatches. Others symptoms of thrush:

'fuzzy' feeling in the head
inability to concentrate
vaginal itching
cravings for sweets, white flour (bread) & alchohol
loss of libido
itching hands and feet
skin rashes
white patches in the mouth
white coating on the tongue
shooting pains in breast

It could be the teeth or a bad latch. Teething babies nurse more and often when they nurse in their sleep they 'slide' off and only have the end of the nipple in their mouth. Anytime I've had my kids use me as a teether, it was like a bite and I knew it was happening. Otherwise, the teeth never have bothered me.

DD would bite down a bit as she nursed when she was getting her molars. I thought at first she was biting me but then I realized it hurt for her to such and she was only trying to cope with the pain.

There is a great cream by Motherlove- Nipple Cream. It works great on sore nipples especially if there is any yeast involved. The calendula kills it!
Hang in there!
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This is definately a dull not sharp type of "pain" they are just a little sore only when she latches and is sucking. She has been nursing all night long these last few days and it is the ONLY sympom i have, so i am going to rule out thrush. They never hurt when i'm not nursing, and i can touch them, bang into them, etc... without a problem.
That's good- thrush is horrible! I'd guess it's your latch then....unless, you are pregnant??
my theory was that if there are teeth under the gums that aren't out yet, would the gums be sooo hard that they'd be irritating my nipples? Does that make sense? Otherwise, why the sudden change, and the tiny speck of tooth showing through, and it only sore while she nurses.
I know that my DD tends to press down a lot more when she is teething. She also "slides" down my nipple more. I think that's to mimize the discomfort from sucking with tender gums. This result in a very poor latch and teeth grating against my nipples.

I personally think the biting and rubbing hurt worse before she had teeth. She actually bruised me a few times. With all the nibbling she does now with 5 teeth, she hasn't bruised me since.

I've also noticed that my discomfort is at its peak a week before af shows (yes, my DD nurses every 2 hrs day and night and af has shown
) Maybe you are ovulating, even if af isn't showing.
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I think i did ovulate this past week!!!!!!! Could that be it?? hum, that's interesting!
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