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My paranoid and complex filled DH

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lol is a dweeb! We were in Kanab this weekend where he got to meet a lot of my parent's friends. There was one, B, who had talked to me to catch up before talking to DH (introduced by my dad in a group they were standing in). B says to DH, "YOu have a really beautiful daughter". What does DH say?

"That's not my daughter, that's my wife."
LMAO :LOL :LOL He just turned 30 and is having a hard time being ok with it. Can ya' tell?
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Happy 30s to your DH. I remember my 30s. They started off crappy, but ended beautifully. Blessing your DH to have them be wonderful all the way through.

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Tell him this story to make him feel better:

On my 30th birthday, I went camping with my then-girlfriend, who was 26. She was also 5' (to my 5'7") and pretty youthful-looking. Additionally, she had on a baseball hat that made her look even younger. Can you see where this is going?
So anyway, we're in a grocery store getting camping foods, and she'd found some coffee mugs she wanted. I wasn't sure if we had enough money, so we decided to leave them until last and see where we stood with the groceries. In the checkout line, the cashier totalled up the groceries and then overheard Ann (my GF) say, "So, can we get these coffee cups?" I say yes. The cashier starts chatting with us. "So you're camping?" she asks. "That's so cool. I always think it's really great when mothers and daughters do things together like that."

Very quickly, I disabuse the poor cashier of THAT notion: "She's 26!!! TWENTY-SIX!!! I'm only THIRTY! She's my GIRLFRIEND! It's only FOUR YEARS' DIFFERENCE!"

Ann, as you can imagine, milked that story for all it was worth.

Ugh. My sympathies to your DH!!!

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I promise your dh, the thirties are soooo much better than the twenties! I promise :LOL
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