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For context, he is a very well taken care of little boy and he is pretty well behaved and is eager to do chores, schoolwork etc. Has his own room, with his own bed, etc. He gets everything he needs and a lot of wants within reason. Anyway, recently he has become more outspoken in his lying. For instance, yesterday, we were at church, and he told a woman there he was trash. She got down on his level and talked to him all sympathetically, and told him he was not trash at all and that he should remember who made him. She asked who made him, and he said “Satan!” Naturally, this concerned her and she stared at us for the whole of the sermon. Then, later, we had some of his friends over, and he told his friends that he sleeps on my head because he doesn’t have a bed! What in the world is up with all this?
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