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This is what I have (or have ordered):

12 infant ubcpf
12 hemp fitteds
2 velour fitteds
2 flannel fitteds
2 sherpa fitteds
1 fuzzi bunz

3 bummis covers
3 wool jersey covers
1 wool soaker

I also have snappis and doublers and am planning to buy wipes
I will probably buy 1 more wool soaker, a really thick one for nighttime

So what else do I need, or what other types of dipes should I get 1 or 2 of to try? I prefer to get WAHM diapers.

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That looks great! I really like our newborn Bumpy wool. It still fits at 10.7 lbs over all but the biggest fitteds, he wears a small Bumpy over those. I've found it to be great for night time. Not one leak and he wears it 7-8 hours. I have a Loveybums wool that should be here today. I'm so excited.

If this is for a newborn some smalls may be too big depending on brand and how you want them to fit.

Don't forget a wet bag for your diaper bag.

~Angie, Mom to Race, 10 and Zane, 4/8/04
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