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My Soaker Stash Show-off Thread!!

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I'm so excited! We've been using wool for 3 weeks or so?? now and I'm pretty happy with what we've got. Of course I'm still knitting like crazy!

Here's our current stash:

Acrylic (practicing, made by me):
Purple Capris
Burgundy Shorts


Purple/Purple Stripes (made by me)
Sage/Purple Shorties (made by me)
Turquoise/Pink Soaker (made by me)
Rainbow Brite Shorts (made by me)
Tinker Soaker
Aristocrat (she wouldn't let me fold the waist)
BJs Marketplace

Sooo, not too shabby for 3 weeks!!

The acrylics are up for grabs, they're not perfect, but if anyone wants them, pay me a buck for shipping and they're yours. The capris are an XL and the shorts are a L.

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Wow-ee! You made all of those in 3 weeks? Holey moley!

The Rainbow Brite shorts are goregous! Did you invent the patterns, or did you follow one?

Oh, and I pm'd you about your generous offer!
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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
Sooo, not too shabby for 3 weeks!!

I am super impressed that you were able to knit/crochet that many in three weeks!
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I'd love to pay you for the purple acrylic shorts. You've done such pretty work! Love that stash!

I'll pm you.
Everyone don't forget that Kimberly has her husband home for the summer,and shes on bedrest. hehe. Knit knit knit.

They look great Kimberly!

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They look great!
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Awesome! And your kiddo is such a cutie! If you get really bored, I'll pay you to knit us a pair of those shorts!!!
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I love the purple stripes and the rainbow brites! How cute! Your daughter is soooo sweet!
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wow mama!! They are all gorgeous
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Thank you guys!

I seriously am such a NEWBIE knitter! You all are cracking me up!

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WOW! Those all look amazing!!!! I am drooling over the rainbow ones!
Me, too, love the rainbow ones. The tinker soaker looks like a really neat cut, too, like a pair of short-shorts.
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