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Dear Members,
I may share with you my personal story!
We received 2 month ago our new newborn babyboy. On the medical check up following delivery before he and his mother were released from hospital he faild both hearing tests, OEA and AABR. Was classified as belonging to group of babies with hearing loss risk. His mother and I got really scared, we have no history of hearing loss in our family. We had experienced very hard time and days. Everything we went through afterward flew in the directions to put us under more pressure. Even at work, the company I work for organized a special networking business day and that came out to be working with hospitals and medical companies to develop new technologies for kids with hearing problems. Then they organized a workshop to get us familiar with sign language then they organized a happy hour for employees and it was about showing us a movie of french family with deaf kids! Everything looked like we have to submit and accept our son becoming deaf...BUT I've decided to talk to our cleric at our Mosque!
They have instructed us to consult with several physicians but also not to worry much. They urged us to do lot of prayers and urged us to do the SACRIFICE for child protection following What prophet Abraham did with his Son Ismail. We did so indeed and we did not stop making prayers. Then week after, my while wife was breastfeeding our newborn baybe, I opened his room door which made a bit of noise to which our son seemed to have reacted! We started to follow him and see if he reacts to some sounds or noises, he often did!
At age of 2 month the doctors did the diagnostical ABR hearing test. We had strong confidence in God that he would bless him and make his hearing live!
INDEED SO, our son passed this ABR test with full hearing strength which made us again a happy loving parents BUT very thankful and grateful to god.
My advice to all other parents, indeed we should follow doctors medical treatment and advices BUT we should put all our trust in God, he who would heal and recover and give his gifts to mankind so I want to urge you to return to god and put trust in him MAY HE make all our babies and kids healthy wealthy and wise!!! Best of Luck
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