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Originally Posted by Adamsmama
We just don't know if he is just "slow" to learn and develop or if he has a problem or condition. When he was born he had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and it was making his heart rate dip and he was a forceps delivery because of that. The forceps hurt his head, too. I don't know if those two things have anything to do with everything else. He seems to be about 10 months behind his peers, now, in his development.
I'm not really sure what, if anything, is going on with your DS, but I wanted to respond to this part of your post.

For the vast majority of the people on this board there is no knowable "source" for their child's condition. You can take two children and give them mother's who eat the same, bfeed the same length of time, have similar births & parenting styles... and get two very different children. DS was born with three full wraps of the cord, blue & not breathing and he walked at 9 months. You'll get kids who had totally tramatic birth experiences w/meconium asperation, no pulse, etc... who go on to show no effects, others with perfect births who go on to have major disabilities. I just wanted to address this because I wanted to
and say, please, please, please don't go down the path of blaming yourself. You sound like a very caring mother.
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