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My son sent me roses :-)

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This weekend will be 6 months that I have pumping BM for myn darling son, Connor. I planned on breastfeeding but sadly, Connor lost 12% of his body weight within the 1st week of his precious life. I worked with my ped and a LC and they determined that Connor had a weak, uncoordinated suck and that breastfeeding wasn't in the cards. I tried various feeding devices, syringes, SNS and settled on the Haberman Feeder. It's nipple is not like a standard nipple, it's actually designed for cleft palate babies.

Because Connor was not sucking effectively to draw my milk out I struggled for weeks to get my supply up. I pumped 10 times a day around the clock totaling over 5 hours a day for 16 weeks. I was barely making enough to feed him and some days I had to suppliment with a bottle of formula. It was harder then I will ever be able to describe.

When Connor was about 3 months old, in the middle of the night the most magical thing happened, he began to nurse. He finally figured out how to suck and breastfeed! Before he would just play and use me for comfort. From that night on he always nursed in the middle of the night. He now nurses throughout the night and first thing in the morning. He still prefers bottles of EM in the day.

I have had cracked, bleeding nipples, thrush/yeast, plugged ducts and Mastitis but I NEVER gave up! My goal was to make it 6 months and I did it. I have been dropping pumps (and getting dreadful plugged ducts again) the last 6 weeks and I am going down to 2 pumps Sunday, Connor's 6 month birthday. I will continue to feed him whatever I can make on two pumps.

The cards from Connor reads:
Mommy, I know that these first 6 months have been really tough pumping for me. I wanted to say thank you for loving and caring so much! I LOVE YOU ... you did it! Your son Connor

My husband is just so sweet, I am crying and full of such gratitude for the men in my life!

Thank you so much for reading this ...
Judi ~ Connor 6 month on 6-19-05
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: that is soooo sweet.
I hope things continue to get better and better for u and ur son.
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Congratulations! You have given him a great gift. I hope that the next 6 months (and beyond) continue to get easier for you.
How wonderful!
: WTG Mama! You rock!
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WTG! You met your goal!!!!

(If my husband ever did anything as sweet as that I'd know he had been abducted by aliens and cloned or something)
Way to go, mama!!!
that is major dedication, there...
How sweet of your "baby" to send you roses and a card - what a keepsake!!!
ps to sunshine01 who posted above me - your quote in your sig, I think that is from the Birthing from Within book, by Pam England
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