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my son shaved his head

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with my bikini shaver
He said he was going to the bathroom and he was in there a long time, but I was putting the baby to sleep and didn't think much of it. My dd went in to get her toothbrush and gasped. He comes out with the front (ears forward) shaved with to the scalp patches. OMG I had to do the rest of it.
Thank God for hats
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OMG! How old is he?

Well, he'll be nice and cool for summer. I'm sure it looks fine - boys can get away with that! And it's just hair. At least it wasn't the dog or cat or anything.

I'd love to see pictures if you have them...

Guess you're gonna hide the shaver now!
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he will be 4 this month, yeah my dh said now you can take a pic and laugh about it later :LOL
:LOL If you want something done, do it yourself! :LOL I had to convince my 4 year old to get a hair cut yesterday! Just make sure you sunscreen that virgin scalp, nothing worse than head sunburn!


I hope you took LOTS of pictures before you fixed it!
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I'm just waiting for the day that happens in our house

I bet he looks adorable!
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I'm going to tell you, as someone who purposefully does this to her own son's head every couple weeks, that there are worse things than shaving the head.

He could have gone for the eyebrows
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thanks for the tip about the sunscreen, I didn't even think about that! That woulda hurt!
Oh yeah the eyebrows would have been worse. My dh does give him pretty close haircuts every few months because he htes to sit still for them but this freaked me out. Of course mad at myself for leaving them out
in the first place. He did wear his hat to the store today , whew. So we just got stares for him being dressed in camoflauge sweatpants and a red and white striped shirt with bob the builder sandals.Good thing no one saw his head, now that woulda been embarrassing :LOL
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