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My son was also a biter and I understand the mix of emotions you feel when it is you kid being the "bad" kid. The good news is that most kids outgrow it once they become more verbal. The bad news is 18 mos is a tough age to reason with or to talk about bad behavior vs good behavior because I think it goes right over their heads. They live so much in the present that anything that happens too long after the fact is useless because the incident has been forgotten by them.

What I am suspicious of is the teacher telling you there isn't a trigger. I would bet dollars to donuts there is. What is the ratio of caregiver to toddler? Is the teacher to busy to see what is triggering your son?

Common issues for my boy was toy stealing, being pushed or hit, and too many kids milling around him-especially waiting to go outside or waiting to eat lunch.

When my son was deep in the weeds with this stuff they shadowed him for a day or two and biting was immediately met with suspension of all activities and sitting with the teacher to cool off. Once we were able to have an IMMEDIATE consequence, things began to get better. Also, the teachers got better at recognized the triggers that would cause ds to bite and adding gentle reminders throughout the day.

And even though I don't know how effective it was, every day we talked about not biting in school, reminded him at drop off, read books about biting, and practiced lost of gentle touching at home. It made us feel better to know we were at least trying everything.

Once my son got verbal (happened overnight it seemed) the biting simply disappeared. Take heart too-unless they are totally unprofessional, day cares never say which child is biting/scratching/hitting.
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