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My Sons first dentist.........

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Hi Again, First I must stress, that I HAVE to work w/ this guy, I cannot afford the gas to drive all over palm beach county looking for a dentist, that totally agrees with me on breastfeeding. I also ABSOLUTELY CANNOT afford to pay out of pocket, so again..

The visit went ok, I guess Eric had more decay than I could see so we go again next week for a vist. I have no problem with the treatment he perscribed, he just irked me w/ the breastfeeding attitude. I asked him then and there to provide me with articles specifically pointing out that breastfeeding causes caries and the above was all he could "think" of to give me at the moment. I am planning to print out alot if not all of the info in the GOT PROOF thread, but I dont want to hand this stuff to this guy and be told that these dentists arent real whatever. So Smilemomma please help with your links in the Got Proof thread. The dentists that you are referring too, are there links to back up there crediblity etc. Im not knocking you experience, I just want to go in there next week with my ammo and not be laughed at. KWIM? Thank You! Barb
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What dentists? Most of the references are from referreed medical journals, a few from medical textbooks.

Brian Palmer, DDS, is referenced, as is his website, wherein he presents his own credentials.

Not sure what you're asking.
Incidentally, I went back and edited the "Got Proof" post to add even more citations.

I'd give him the whole thing, he's got a lot of reading to do!
Sorry for any misunderstanding, Im just agrravatedLOL! Arent you somewhere in Florida? Are you taking new patients with Humana?Medicaid LOL?!. Hey at least I tried! Barb
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