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So, I have been doing WW. Going well. I need to loose at least 50 pounds...have to do it. I am actually having a hard time eating all my points (breastfeeding mama). I am really trying to eat healthier, as well as loose weight.

My problem is that I have never had an easy time digesting rough stuff (whole grains, veggies, beans are out of the questions, etc.). I have a very stress filled life -- two special needs kids and one very active toddler and am constantly sleep deprived. That just adds to my stomachs inability to digest (I think it is exhausted also).

If I push it and eat to "healthy", especially at night (but really all day), I end up with stomach problems (sometimes worse than others but really unpleasant).

I don't really want to eat any carbs late, I want to be able to eat vegetables but I simply can't.

Any suggestions?


(Getting more sleep is not an option. I love my kids but this is my life.)

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Two thoughts:

Does cooking your veggies help? Cooking breaks down some of the fiber and might make it easier for you to get your servings. Also, the 5 servings of fruits and veggies includes fruits. Can you do 3 servings of fruit and 2 of cooked veggies? Or maybe start with 4 servings of fruit and 1 of veggies and slowly add more.

What does your doctor say? The whole grain recommendation is just a recommendation, while the fruits and veggies are part of the plan. But if your stomach doesn't tolerate veggies, I'm pretty sure WW allows changes based doctor's recs.

Could you gradually ease your stomach in to the veggies to find your comfort level?

What about eating some dairy or something late? Non-fat yogurt is low in points and could make a good snack if you're hungry. (I suppose popcorn is out too?)

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I second the cooking your vegetables, and soaking your grains prior to cooking them. Also, digestive enzymes. We've used Enzymedica brand. Do you take probiotics? You might be lacking all of the good bacteria you need. Also, you might need less grains in general. I feel much better when I get my carbs from plant sources. To get all your points/calories, add fat to your foods. How do you feel when you eat more protein? Just a thought.

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I agree with the cooking and soaking suggestions as well as digestive enzymes. Also probiotics such as in yogurt. (My DH likes the Activa yogurt. He has noticed that it has helped with his digestion.)

Also, you might need to just gradually introduce the different foods. It can be a lot for a stomach to take to adjust to whole grains and more veggies all at once. That's lots of fiber.

For introducing whole grains, for example, you could mix brown rice and white rice. Have 1 slice of whole wheat bread on one side of the sandwich, and 1 slice of white bread on the other side. Things like that.

Hope that helps!

ETA: I remember a product called Beano that was supposed to help with gas (either from beans or other foods.) Yes, here it is.

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i agree with everyone else, but want to reiterate that retraining the digestive track is a bit uncomfortable at first. it can take weeks to a couple of months to adjust fully.

using probiotics, cooking (stewing is a great method, as are soups) does wonders, but it can still take time to adjust.

when people go vegetarian, the first few days are *very* hard, the next few weeks get a bit easier, and over time the body transitions. so, go easy on yourself emotionally.

also, if you are stressed, that can make a huge difference to how you digest. i take out my stress on my stomach too. For me, Traditional Medicinal's "Eaters Digest" was very helpful. unlike ginger, which stimulates digestion if one has a problem with the organic/biological aspect, Eater's Digest is mint-based. this has a cooling, calming affect on the *nerves* (rather the emotions), and therefore settles a stomach that is reacting due to stress.

now, i use it sparingly because i am also lactating and want to be mindful of my milk production. So, i only use it when i am in physical distress, and not after each meal (like i did prior to pregnancy at one point of extreme stress in my life then). otherwise, i have lactation tea.

also, abdominal movements like crunches can actually help you feel better down there. do them when your stomach is not upset. just doign 5 or 10 can help a lot in the long term.

good luck! you'll find something that works!
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