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Well I had surgery on Friday for the removal of my gallbladder. Overall it went well. I had to spend some extra few hours in the first room you go to right after suregery because I couldnt get my breating under control...I think from the pain and the fact it hurt when I tried to breathe. But I still came home on Friday about 6 hours after surgery was over. I was so out of it on Friday, slept thourgh a major storm lol. On Saturaday I was in a lot of pain tyonel 3's didint do to much. On Sunday I was still in some pain but stopped taking the meds so I can resume nursing. Today I am in a little pain if I am still but it really hurts to move bend turn ect.

I am not sure if I mentioned this but you want to hear something weird. My sister had the same surgery as me at the exactly same time at another hosiptal about 20mins away. My poor mom,she had the Rian and her and her bf kept driving back and forth all day to be with my sis and me lol.

Well I am looking forward now to eat without have to worry about pain later . MY dh is so worried he is controlling everything I eat right now. He swears he will help get me healthy!!! (with my former bad eatting habits)

Now I am back to square 1 with nursing Rian I have little milk right now so we are working on rebuilding our supply,at least he hasnt lost his latch.
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