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My sweaty son...

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Does anyone else have a toddler that sweats ferociously while sleeping? Ds has always been a warm-blooded baby, but last night, he soaked his fleece blankie with sweat within hours of falling asleep. It was a cool night, and I had the windows open, but since he sleeps nakie except for a diaper, I had covered him up.

Do I need to just cover with him a sheet or light blanket? I'm so afraid he'll catch a chill though, with all that sweating. Other than when he's sleeping, he doesn't seem to sweat at all, even on hot days. Is that normal?
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My ds is the same way! He wakes up and his hair is all soaked. I just put a light blanket over him, and he can kick it off if he wants.
All three of my girls (9, 3 and 7 mo) sweat horribly when they sleep. Dd2 is the absolute worst! I usually just cover her with a sheet (which she kicks off) and all is well.
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