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My team is ready!!

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Sorry if this post sounds like bragging, but I just feel so blessed to be birthing in the company of these amazing people...
I just want to share my excitement about my birthing team! I have a wonderful MW, she's very soft spoken, intuitive, SF crunchy type and sweet. Then I met her backup MW today who is waaay cool, she's from Boston, about 60 yo and has been a MW for over 30 years, she is funny, down to earth and has probably seen it all. She will come for the latter part of the birthing to lend a hand. Then there is my fabulous dh who is very supportive, he used to work as a clairvoyant and is more intuitive and intelligent than any other person I've ever met. He will do anything to make me feel better at any time. (Though he doesn't like cleaning or cooking, oh well...) He gives me a massage every day now to help with my back pain. And I adore him.
And then there is my girlfriend of over 28 years, she and I went to high school together in Germany and she lives only 15 min away.. She held my hand during my dd1's birth as I was sliced open for a Csec and is on call to be here for this baby's HBAC! She's also super supportive. Today she came over and cleaned my fridge/freezer, and we went shopping and then she bought me dinner. She is also a massage therapist

And of course, if she chooses to stick around, my 2yo dd will be there too. She already told me that she wants to hold my hand during contractions
I truly believe she is ready to be here for a birth, even though she is so little still. She always amazes me with her emotional maturity.
If it's a long labor, my in-laws are on standby to pick her up.

That's it. I feel ready now.

Well, of course except for getting these moments of fear! I fear certain moments where I think I can't do it anymore, YKWIM??
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Lucky woman. I'm very happy with my midwife, and I have two fabulous doulas. My mom is coming, though, and I'm worried about her negative vibes and having to ask her to step out. My dh is totally supportive, but his face shakes when he's nervous, so I've told him he might have to stay out of my line of sight while I'm in labor. I think the doulas will be good support for him, too, though.

I'd like my dd to be here, but she's very clear that she doesn't want to see me in pain. She'll be at our neighbor's, just a block away.
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