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My teen is the best.

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Yeah, this is a shameless brag, but I'm hormonal, so....

The other night, I was feeling sickish and tired and was dozing on the couch when I realized that the 5 y/o hadn't brushed his teeth yet. I reminded him, but he wanted me to come with him. My 15 y/o stepped in and volunteered to take his brother upstairs to brush, saying, "I've been through this with you before, Mom, I know how it is."

Then, today, while I was out with dd at her bookclub meeting, he emptied the dishwasher, folded the laundry and picked up the family room. When I got home, he explained, "I know you get tired in the afternoons."

He's such a sweetie.
(Gotta love these pregnancy hormones, huh?)
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What a great kid! He keeps this up and he'll have all women after him
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His mamma raised him right!
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That is so sweet.
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